I teach  classes on Tuesday nights from 7-9pm.  The classes are usually located at the South Beach
Community Center across from the Aquarium Village. This will be noted on the calendar.

Group Lessons

Classes are taught on a series basis, one hour per week, with 4 to 6 classes per series.
Classes are $40/4 week series, $50/5 week series, $60/6week series per person.

Prepaid Cards
If preferred, dance cards can be purchased for classes in the following denominations:
$140/20 classes, $80/10 classes, $45/5 classes

Each class in a series will be marked off the card on the first night of a series..

Private Lessons
Private lessons can be useful for many reasons.  The group lessons may not be on a convenient night; you
may want to "catch up" if coming in to a group class halfway through a series; you may want to prepare for an
upcoming event such as a wedding, holiday party, company function, or reunion.

Whatever the reason private lessons can be scheduled at your convenience.  I currently have open times
Wed-Thurs before and after group classes, with more flexibility on the weekends through Tuesday.

Classes can take place at my Newport site when available, or at the dancer's home if enough space and floor
are available.

Cost for private lessons is dependent on the number of students.
$40/hour 1-4 people, $70/hour 5-8 people, $150 up to 50 people, negotiable over 50 people.

Contact me for more info.